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Phra Somdej Amulets from WatRakhang Bangkok - Thailand

Luangpor Taweesak

Luangpor Taweesak is one great guru monk who success in high class of meditation and old art of thai ancient spell. Respectful elder and guru monk of Thailand. Luangpor Taweesak have builded schools,hospitals,road etc. almost 4billion baht as good merit to the land. His consecrate holy items are powerful and one of the best Thailand Amulets.

The Best of Thailand Buddha Amulets.

Click here for History of Luangpor Taweesak Wat Sreenuan

Luangpor Taweesak Amulets
Jatukarm Ramathep 1st batch 3 Tigers-Return-Hearts B.E.2550 "stamp code"
Jatukarm Ramathep 1st batch Referee Set 3 Tigers-Return-Hearts B.E.2550
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