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History > Luangpor Teang

Legend of Somdej Phra Puttajarn To Promransri, Thailand

Luangpor Teang - WatNongphong

"He who seriously wants to dispel
All the misery of others,
Because in the stream of his own being he has understood the nature of misery,
Is an excellent man."

Luangpor Teang(Justice) born 1 April B.E.2497(a.d.1954), same year and village with old friend Kruba Krissana Intawanno. He is a great monk with truth heart, a leader monk toward Buddha for many old and young people. Father named "Lek" and mother "Prom" are native farmer family, born and grow up with hard life with 7 brothers/sisters, Luangpor Teang is the 4th child of a family. Been and seen life, survive and served soldiers of fortune/mercenary during cambudian war, learned from many old art masters with many mantras and spells knownledge.

Luangpor Teang made a vow when ordained at WatDarnthonglang temple to be a monk for the rest of his life. For religion and to expand the way of dharma, it is what a man dedicated his life for. Studied and finished the highest level of dharma scholar, meditation practise from Luangpor Rorsree Lingdum of WatTarsung temple. Knowledge in many mantras and ceremonies, pilgrimaged among forest/cave countless of time just like many elders guru monks. Until chief of Nongphong village see the monk within him, villagers invited him to be an abbot of WatNongphong temple to be a monk and heart of the village.

Luangpor Teang invited by many universities/colleges's to given dharma lecture to students, teachers and professors, thousands of students. Guide and teach many people all these years. Many stories and famous blessing of his mantras are well-known at present days and respect by many people. Even powerful relics or antique holy items dig founded for centuries, they put trust and give all to the monk at the temple. choose and support only a truth monk, to show the way of dharma and monk's practise. Given and pass the blessing of Buddha to everyone worldwide. Luangpor Teang, like his name mean justice, he is a one fine monk of this era.

Luangpor Teang teaching to young campus students about mind, to deal with problems and obstacles with plans, not with stressful emotion toward others, not by ego with full of knownledge but by honest understanding toward others. To be happy without fear/stress and accept one-self as good listener like a calm water. To allow mind to alway open and to alway accept/consider other's purpose. The monk given teaching of compassion and kindness.

Luangpor Teang. Abbot of WatNongphong temple.

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