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History > Phra Nangphya

Legend of Somdej Phra Puttajarn To Promransri, Thailand

Phra Nangphya

In History of this amulets "Phra Nangphya" are started from Wat Nangphya "Pitsanulok Province" which is the place these amulets were keep underground in many old pagodas. Phra Nangphya have an image of Buddha while sitting meditation parng chana-marn mean vitorious from all evils and image when LordBuddha have enlightened, no base line, no frame like other amulets. There are no 100% information for who build Wat Nangphya temple, this is around B.E.1900 base on art evidence and history. Pitsanulok is a town locate in east side around Wat Juramanee ( Build by Khom ). ( Khom = Cambudian ). This town use to be sounth town front line for war in Sukothai era. Until Ayuttaya era, Pitsanulok change to north town front line in battle with Burma and Chiangmai. That time was Kingdom of Phra Mahadhumaracha 2nd ( Phraya Lerthai ), Phra Mahadhumaracha 3rd ( PhraMahadhumaracha Pitsanulok ), Phra Mahadhumaracha 4th ( Phraya Barnmueng ). Wat Nangphya are one of an old temple from Pitsanulok since Sukothai era build by Phra MahadhummarachaTirath ( Khun Pirentorntep ), In B.E.2106 there was a war. Burma troops had surround Pitsanurok, in this time and reason Phra Nangphya were create to give to all navy soldier. In B.E.2112 Ayuttaya lost to Burma, Phra Nangphya amulets were give among all people and troops for motivation to gain freedom back from Burma. Same with other temples Wat Rathchaburana, Wat Cheepakao, Wat Poh, Wat Sateer, Wat Suthsawad, Wat Rathchakruth etc. These temple made all Phra Nangphya Pim(mold type) amulets. Phra Nangphya amulets made into different skin type : Din Pao (Burn Clay), Phong Bailarn ( Ash from Leaf ), Phong Hin ( Ash from Rock ). There are 8 Pim (mold) of Nang Phya Pitsanurok : Pim Yai Kaokhong, Pim Yai Kaothrong, Pim Sukathi, Pim Aokfab, Pim Aokthung, Pim Aoknoon,

Pim Khanaonsukothai and Pim Khanonayuttaya. In B.E.2444 King Rama 5th Phrabath somdej Phrajulajomgaojaoyuhua visited Wat Nangphya, and people were prepare the ceremony there at the temple. Once the villager digging ground to build a base, they found many of Phra Nangphya amulets hidden there. An abbot of Wat Nangphya have gather all of them and give to King Rama 5th. Our King then give Phra Nangphya amulets to assisstant, followers, and everyone who serve the King. There are some Our King bring back to bangkok and keep them in Wat Intraviharn temple. Phra Nangphya are famous in bulletproof, wealth and good fortune. PhraNangphya become one of the most famous amulets in Thailand in the set of Benjapakee, the amulets are old and beautiful with an art of Pitsanulok. PhraNangphya bless as second amulets from PhraSomdej Rakhang to bring strong charm with attractiveness and respectful from all others.

The "Nangphya" Buddha amulets are most popular and accepted as one in the "Grand Five" set of Benjapakee the most popular amulets in Thailand. The people have been seeking them for such a long time, because of the highly Buddhhistica quality. Wat Nangphya was situated next to Wat Ratchaburana, Phitsanulok. Wat Ratchaburana was built by King Maha Thammaracha of Sri Ayutaya Capital. During his rule of Phitsanulok, while "Wat Nangphya" was built by "Phra Wisut Kasattri", his wife around B.E.2095-2100 (1552-1557A.D.) Both wats originally were on the same piece of head. Laster the road built running through it at the middle and separated the wats(temples) from each other. The Pagoda was destroyed and cleaned, and the Buddha amulets in a triangular shape were found. The Buddha amulets circle called them "Phra Nangphya" and it is believable that "Phra Wisut Kasattri" has built these "Phra Nangphya" amulets had build them in the pit under the Jaydee(pagoda). "Phra Nangphya" are one of the Buddha amulets built during the end of Sukhothai era, around 550 year the Kru was opened up from Wat Nangphya, Phitsanulok province, around B.E.2442-2444 for the first time. Last time they found again in B.E.2487. There are the Buddha amulets of earth material mixed with flower patals, gravels and sand. The texture is rather coarse, but there are form with texture and with little gravels and sand. There are in 4 colours, yelow, red, green and black. THe prints can be calsified in to 6 print. In addition to being the Nangphya family, famous for Buddhistic power on Charming and being safe from al dangers, the Nangphya Buddha amulets is one excellent not being killed by any weapons.

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