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History > Phra Rod

Legend of Somdej Phra Puttajarn To Promransri, Thailand

Phra Rod

"Phra Sukaputtapatima" is Amulets which made by Hermit. Ex. Phra Perm, Phra Bang, Phra Khong, Phra Liang and Phra Rod. These amulets made since B.E.1223 founded in Lumpoon province. The legend said that this land owned by "Mengkabutt", a tribe of cambudian. Once Prince Sintatta (Lord Buddha) have travel though this land at Ghontararm and Charorarm villages which locate sounth of Trakarnmeng town. Lord Buddha said "In future, part of "Phra Baromsareerikatarth"(Lord Buddha ash/bone)will be here and King Arthitrarthjao will keep safe in the pagoda. In B.E.1008 there are 5 hermits, they use to lived in monk hood. They exited the hood and study meditate until success Arpinya 5th Samabut 8 ( Yarn=Class of meditation )and were travel around all over thailand. 1. Phra Vasuthep 2.Phra Sukkatunta 3. Pumarnsree 4. Puttachadin 5. Phra Suddchanarai. Once Phranang Jarmatavee builded 4 temples are 1:Wat Dongaw on east side, later called Wat Chetawan (famous temple) In B.E.2484-5 people have found Phra Perm, Phra Bang, Phra Khong, Phra Liang etc accept Phra Rod. 2: Wat PhraKhong on north side, later called Wat PhraKhongrorsee. Said that 4 hermit have plan on building Haripoonchai city here at this temple, people have added the word "rorsee" to temple name (rorsee=hermit). 3:Wat Mahawan on west side, this is the temple which found Phra Rod amulets. 4:Wat Phratoolee on sounth side, use for escape route purpose in war time as "Phratoolee" mean door for retreat. These 4 temple have all of Lumpoon province amulets and have been found at later time. From this information. 4 hermits have keep their amulets in Wat Dongaw, Wat PhraKhong, Wat Mahawan, Wat Phratoolee. These amulets are beautiful with art of Haripoonchai/Lumpoon province.

History say that once Sutavarorsee(Phra Vasuthep)hermit invite Phra Sukkatunta to diccuss about area to build city(Lumpoon). Once the city was builded, Sutavarorsee invite Phranang Jarmatavee to the throne of this city. This lady is a child of Rich family from Nongdoo village Lumpoon province. With her birth time/star prove that she have great karma and will be well known to everyone, she will help risen the level of Buddha religion in thailand. Her family rule this city until B.E.1330 was loss to Ramun Dynasty. Then again in B.E.1824 by King Mengrai 1st, city was destroy. Later time the city was rebuild by King Mengrai 11th. As Nakhonphing (In present call "Chiangmai") loss to Burma, also Lumpoon as well. Until Lanna era, King Thonburee. Lumpoon province back to part of thailand. Lumpoon province are one of old place in Thailand which builded more than 1300 years, people have found many antique thing and many amulets. "Phra Rod" this name came from "Narata Rorsee" or "Rorsee Narata" this hermit name was "Narata" change to "NaRod" in later time. Once people found this amulets at Wat Mahawan, they start to call "Phra Rod". Legend said that Phra Sukkatunta and Sutavarorsee have meeting with 108 hermits in ceremony to create Lumpoon's amulets by bring 4 clay from different land, 1000 medicines, 1000 herbs, many flowers. All mixed then put in molds, then chant with spell by 108 hermits. These amulets were given among thailand soldiers and people. Phra Rod are smooth clay have white, red, green, brown colours. From Wat Mahawan, sure not exceed 1500 amulets. There are 5 pim(mold type) Pim Yai, Pim Grang, Pim Lek, Pim Tearn, Pim Tor. PhraRod is one of most famous 5 amulets from Thailand. The amulets bless strong protection, bullet proof and the oldest amulets in the set of Benjapakee.

Name of the amulet admirers world not know the important Buddha amulets of Lampoon, or the former Haripoonchai, in which there are many categorizes. One of them that has ben important and popular among the admirers, as included in the "Five Grand" set of Benjapakee. The Buddha amulets of Lampoon as wentiale is PhraRod it is one of the best and dearly in need by many Budha amulet admirers. Phra Rod of Kru Wat Mahawan Lampon is the Buddha maulet with the mixed material of earth and tuberous plants. They are delicate little ones with straight and power, made by the craftman of haripoonchai in the art style of early Lopburi period. Beating particularly unique beauty of their own. All Buddha amulet admirers have accepted that they have superb Buddhistic power, especially in protection and being safe from all dangers and disasters, So "called" The Buddha amulet being safe from all danger (PhraRod Yard Nirandtarai) An addition, they still have Buddhistic power in good fortune and Charming second to name of being safe from all danger and disasters. PhraRod WatMahawan is one of the FiveGrand set with PhraSomdej Wat Rakhang as the head, and with other 3 Buddha amulets, namely. Phra Gumpangpeth Soomgor, PhraPhongsuparn, PhraNangphya Phitsanulok. The PhraRod Wat Mahawan are 5 printed in all namely Big Mould, Medium, Small, Tow and Tuen mould.

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