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History > Phra Phongsuparn

Legend of Somdej Phra Puttajarn To Promransri, Thailand

Phra Phongsuparn

In Supamussado 1265 there was 4 Rorsee and Phra Rorsee Pimpilarthai was a leader. Phra Rorsee plan to make an powerful bless/chant things to give to the King (Phraya Sridhumasokarath). Said that he use verious mineral mix with herb and medicine called "sunkavanorn" then create them into molds, then bless/chant for 3 months. Rorsee keep these amulets at Puntoom province and later on was found by thai people.Later on this molds and amulets called Phra Phongsuparn, they have red and black skin. Phra Phongsuparn have to look like Phra Nangphya, what different is the flame of Phra Nangphya are wider and the top is sharper. Phra Phongsuparn have 3 molds. 1. Phra Phongsuparn Nargae (old face) this use for the pim that have the face look old like old people. 2. Phra Phongsuparn Narnoom (young face) 3. Phra Phongsuparn Narnang (woman face). In history said that rorsee were keep this amulets in Puntoom province or Suparnburi in other name. In B.E.1350 Queen of this city gived birth, was a boy (his name is Phraya Parn). All oracles said the same that "When he grow up, he will have very strong good karma, anyplace he go he would win the wars. But he will kill his father oneday" Since the King heard this, he talked to his wife the Queen, and said to drop him out somewhere. Even how much the Queen love her son, she can't say no to the King. The boy was put in the boat to let go on the flow of river alone. With coincidence or faith, he was pick up by an old lady called "horm" She raising him for a while then give him to the King of Rarthchaburi (Phraya Rarthchaburi). Phraya Parn once grow up, he have very strong sense of warrior and very clever in war stragy. One day Phraya Gong(his real father) ask King of Rarthchaburi for a supplies. Phraya Parn tell his father not to send them over, and went out to war with Phraya Gong. Phraya Parn cut his head with long sword as they both riding elephant. Phraya Gong's army was scattered, then Phraya Parn move into the city of Suparnburi. Once he met the Queen there, the truth had reveal. That he have met his own mother and he was killed his own father. Then he ordered the soldier to kill the old lady "horm" who picked him up from river when he was young, but kept this story a secret from him. Once the old lady died, he think about the old time when she was raising him, make him feel very much bad karma he have done. To pay back his sin, the builded the Jaydee in B.E.1420, and rule Suparnburi province until B.E.1459. Phra Phongsuparn said that the bless/chant from rorsee, to chant this amulets with katha 'pa hung' 13 times, katha 'hor la khun' 13 times, phra buddhakhun 13 times. Think of the rorsee who made this amulets then chant "Katay sikkay ga ra nung ma ha chaiyungmungka sunk na ma pa ta" then said "Girimiti gurumutu geremete garamata phrasid lae" To Bring all good karma within your close fortune, to bring welth and protect any danger that will coming. PhraPhongsuparn is the top 5 famous amulets of Thailand, the amulet bless protection with strong health fortune.

The great Buddha amulet from SuparnBuri Province, famous and popular among all admirers who have ben wanting to process from the past to the present are "Phra Phongsuparn" Kru Wat PhraSrirattanamahatarth Suprnburi. The amulet were founded by a chinese upland farmer living in the area, stealing to open up the kru (pit under the pagoda) around B.E.2456. Later on the governor of the city named Phraya Sunthong Buri(Ie Kannasut) gave his order to open up the pit officially in order to present the smugglers take so again. Such opening up the pit made them find a lot of Buddha amulets and ancient objects. Through finding this kru of PhraPhongsuparn they fond many golden and silver leaf plates with the inscriptions, and could be translated briefly that Wat PhraSrirattanaMahatarth and PhraPrang (Pagoda Jeydee) including all Buddha amulets werer build by King Phra Broromrachathirarth the 2nd (Chao Sarm PHraya) around B.E.1967-1991 with Phra Mahathera PiyaThassi Saribut as the Chair man of the monks, and the hermits of about 500years old they are the Buddha amulet of the earth texture mixed with flower petals and tubers of various herbs, in 4 colours namely, red, yellow, green and black. They can be classified into 3 mould type. Pim Nargae, Pim Nargarnd, PimNarnoom which mean Old,Middle,Young face mold types. Phra Phongsuparn amulet are the superb Buddha amulets of "U-Thong" art, in which all mighty power were combined, and deserved to be one of the GrandFive set of Benjapakee the most famous and powerful amulets of Thailand forever.

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