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History > Luangpu Hong

Legend of Somdej Phra Puttajarn To Promransri, Thailand

Luangpu Hong

Suwanahong Jamuadee is a boy with full confident and respectful to his parent. When he turn 18 years old, his mother ask him to ordain and enter the monk hood as she worries that he could get into trouble at his age because of his brave personality. He was plan to ordain for his mother only 7 days.

Once he have ordained as a junior monk. He was named "Samanen Promasorn", 3 days have pass during the monk hood he have entered. It was the time when he sit on the bench under the tamarind tree. There are old woman and young man dress like a villager ask him to preach. Samanen Promasorn answer that he have been ordained for 3 days and he doesn't know how to preach. Then the guy tell him that it is ok but please try to pray Namo 3 times and you'll sure learn how to preach. The young monk was curious, who are they and where're they from. Why they asked such thing. Though he pray Namo 3times happen that he can preach, the old woman and young man were press their hands at the chest with smile then suddenly dissapear.

We asked Luangpu Hong how's that happen and why he can preach so sudden. Luangpu Hong told us that it is "Dhuma-Bundarn" a dharma and god fate that lead him. Actually he was plan to ordain 7 days but then continue until he's 20 years old. PhraAuppatcha then ordained him at Wat Petchburi become a senior monk named "Promapunyo" mean those who have hold the wisdom as prom(brahma)

A great monk alway full with experience, lot of learning from many masters. Lot of magics and spiritual senses. A full lot of mind testing prilgrimage alone among forest, cave. Luangpu Hong follow the same way of thailand guru elders. Stay under the tree in the forest with few monk robe, find peace in deep forest with meditation, one meal per day. He prilgrimaged into cambudia and learned many more from an old ancients art of spells there. He is bless with kindness, many masters have bless him well during his young lessoned even the gods and spirited have lesson him.

During his prilgrimage in cambudia's forest, he met a big boy with dark skin. He rolling like a rock and he was tall at 5 meter. Follow an old way then he teach the great monk how to create gumarn-thong.

Almost a year during his jouney he come at "Barn-Gru" village of Cambudia. At this village, all the villagers have great respect in Luangpu Hong even now when Luangpu visit this village. All the villagers lie down on the ground and ask Luangpu Hong to step on them. We asked why? the old grandma tell the story that when he was prilgrimage here long time ago. The bomb as water-melon size was fall on the top of the roof at one villager house. They were all shock but it wasn't blow off with Luangpu Hong's spell. But that's not the only thing. He help many villagers here and teach them good with dharma.

Luangpu Hong become one most respectful guru monk of Thailand, every thai know him as a great master. He's enlighten with happiness and smile. Many miracles and accurate spiritual visionary. Luangpu Hongs's amulets and statues become one precious holy items of Thailand.

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