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 Pidda Yant-Yoong Golden bell skin
 Wat Banrai
 1.5x1.8 cm
Legend of Somdej Phra Puttajarn To Promransri, Thailand

PhraPidda Authamoh Yant-Yoong b.e.2557

Luangpor Koon's PhraPidda Yant-Yoong Audhamoh 1st batch "Jarernporn"(Blessing prosper) bless/chanted ceremony 22 October B.E.2557(a.d.2014) by Luangpor Koon, abbot of WatBanrai and 2nd ceremony new year ceremony 1 January b.e.2558(a.d.2015) again by Luangpor Koon lead ceremony with many monks/nuns participated.

Audhamoh is a powerful protection mold style, the 8 hands of the monk cover every parts to protect from all 8 directions. Eyes / Ears / Stomach / Buttom.

Pidda Yant-Yoong(mass mantras) cover the body of PhraPidda amulet is one of the most famous PhraPidda(Sangkajai closing his eyes) amulets of all times, made famous by many guru monks from past to present day. PhraPidda Yant-Yoong by Luangpor Koon, can say that is one of the best of his holy items and stay precious always. Come with original temple box and genuine temple stamp codes.

PhraPidda is original image of Sangkajai monk, one of Buddha's disciple who have full of wealth fortune on his image. People alway worship Sangkajai for great wealth fortune into life and family. PhraPidda(Pidda = Close eyes) pose during the enlightened of Sangkajai when he founded peaceful happiness and realize his previous life with Buddha regarding Tossachadok story (The ten previous lives of Buddha). In Thailand, people wear PhraPidda for good protection and bring good prosperous fortune like Sangkajai himself.

Luangpor Koon Paritsutho bless/chanted 1st ceremony PhraPidda Auddhamoh Yant-Yoong "Jarernporn 1st batch"

Powerful blessing. Fortune multiply forever.

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